Why Soul Rider?

At Soul Rider we are committed to providing the best planned, the best led and the most fulfilling spiritual journeys available.


Every year thousands of travellers visit India in the hope of finding themselves and coming closer to the divine.


Of the thousands that come here in the hope of finding their Swadharma, a large portion leaves disappointed because they have not found what they were looking for. Others leave frightened because of blind trust and misguided faith. This is where Soul Rider comes in. Each person on our team has been on this journey and has come closer to the truth by having the right teachers who showed them the path. We believe it is our dharma to help others in finding their path and using this life time to grow and manifest their divine plan on earth.


We have a very unique client on boarding process where we spend the time in understanding you, your energy, and your purpose. We then craft a well thought out itinerary to ensure that you meet your karmic obligations and take the necessary steps to grow further and live a life full of purpose and clarity. 

We believe that the quality of one's intentions is directly proportional to the quality of one's results. With this consciousness we live and breath the aim of the Soul Rider - to become one with the divine.  


Let your Soul - Ride You,



Rishabh Chandra Sharma 


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