Dharma comes from the root dhri, 'to support'; dharma is what supports us, keeps us together, prevents us from flying to pieces in the face of stress. Sva means 'own.' Hence Swadharma means our ‘personal dharma.’

Every year thousands of travellers visit India in the hope of finding themselves and coming closer to the divine.


Of the thousands that come here in the hope of manifesting their spiritual destiny, a large portion leaves disappointed because they have not found what they were looking for. Others leave frightened because of blind trust and misguided faith.


This is where Soul Rider comes in. Each person on our team has been on this journey and has come closer to the truth by having the right teachers who showed them the path. 

Our mission is to help people find and live their ‘Swadharma.’


To help you find and live your Swadharma we have created two unique journeys in the Himalayas from which you can choose depending upon your available personal time.  



A 4 Day / 3 Night Journey designed to clean and align your heart, mind, body, and soul and help you live an authentic life. 


Swadharma 101 begins in Haridwar and concludes in Rishikesh with visits to sites of high divine energy. 


During this journey, you will learn the knowledge and tools to help you develop a daily spiritual practice that is best suited for you. 


You will also learn to be more discerning by developing your intuition and sensory acuity. This will allow you to identify what is holding you back in being the best you can be in your relationships, health, and career or business. You will also learn how to remove these blocks from within you and move forward in your life. 


Swadharma 101 includes 8 sessions of purification, meditation, forgiveness, yoga, and philosophy to help you make sense of it all and live your Swadharma. 





Starting at 5 days and going upto 7 days depending upon the time of the year, the Swadharma 108 is a deeper version of the Swadharma 101. 

Swadharma 108 begins in Haridwar and extends to the Char Dham sites of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri. Each journey will include either one or two of the Chardham's. 


The meditations are deep hence making the experience more unique. 



Swadharma 108 includes over 12 sessions of purification, meditation, forgiveness, yoga, and philosophy to help you take you deep within yourself and live your Swadharma.